Dear visitor!


Yes I am another amateur trying to get my pictures on the internet. WHY?

Ohh thats because my family and I are spread around the world, and this is
a way for me to show people I love, what I have been doing.

So please dont be to offensive about my amateur work!

I am working on getting better, I am working on getting better gear, but what
I dont have to work on, is my intrest and part time devotion to take pictures
of things I find beautiful.

And let us make one thing clear…

–> You can dicuss many things, but beauty is individual!

So enjoy Or keep on searching the web for something YOU like, and I wish
you best of luck! :)

Keep in mind: Carpe Diem  (=Seize the day) 

Sincirly TomBe……

“May the force be wtih you :)